Art and Photo Gallery

Submitted by Voodoo_Leather… on Sun, 09/16/2018 - 01:51

The Voodoo Gallery is a studio space available for rent by local artists. Contact Voodoo at to host a photoshoot or design project and the club will set up the space in a way that meets your needs.


  • Studio Rates: Starting at $25 per hour
  • Sales Commissions: Fixed at 10–20% of gross sales

Resident Artist Program

Artists who commit to utilizing the Voodoo Gallery on a monthly basis receive additional perks. The Resident Artist Program costs $250 per month.

  • No commission withheld for art sales
  • No door fees for art-related events
  • Complimentary gallery showing, featuring your work every 6 months
  • Access to the studio space throughout the week


All imagery is the property of the photographer with limited rights to Voodoo Leatherworks, LLC. Do not download, alter, or otherwise use these images without the consent of the photographer and/or Voodoo Leatherworks, LLC.